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Welcome to Brecon Office Solutions! Your ultimate choice for NEW and REFURBISHED Photocopiers. We are an I.C.T firm specializing in photocopier and computer sales and maintenance, IT support and consultancy and networking since 2010.

We provide refurbished copiers that are on average 75% cheaper than buying one brand new. Most of our copy machines have been used less than 3 months – rated by the manufacturers’ recommended monthly volume.

Yes, we deliver, not just ship copiers, so you are ensured a smooth, safe, and fully networked installation. What good is a printer/copier/scanner if the seller doesn’t makes sure it prints and copies and scans in your office?


Picking the right Printer

Printer Suppliers and Wholesalers in Kenya. Best Printer Deals in Kenya – Brecon Office Solutions Ltd Before you buy a printer or copier, it is good to ask a good question, The first question  is  simple, what and how much do you plan on print or copy.. Color inkjet printers comprise the bulk of the

Generic Toner vs. Genuine Toners: What Is Better?

Brecon  Supplies genuine toners and  cartridges that are made by the company that makes the printers they fit in while generic toner cartridges are toner cartridges that third party manufacturers make for branded printers. Generic toner cartridges are actually cartridges that are compatible to the brand of printer you’re using. In other words, they are


Multifunction Printers Vs. Single Function

Why Multifunction Printers, Benefits You may appreciate the money you save by plugging one device into your wall instead of three or four. You might also spend less money buying a multifunction printer than you will purchasing multiple machines. Computer Shopper, for instance, reports finding monochrome laser printers for less than $150 and simple inkjet